Top 5 Anti-Aging Secrets

Written by Michelle Natalia

Hello Dolls!

So I know I love to focus on Fashion and Travel on my blog but this time around I wanted to share my top five anti-aging secrets with you. These are my most regarded products in my medicine cabinet which have really shown me results! This is my purely my opinion and no, no one is sponsoring my post. I just wanted to share as a woman in her 30’s what works for me!

I have always had serious dark circles under my eyes since birth probably, thanks mom! However after trying every product and concealer known to man nothing really quite worked and left my eyes dry or cracked due to sensitive thin skin. One day a Trish McEnoy rep stopped me by complimenting my eyebrows… oh she wheeled me in with that but then went on to mentioned how dry the skin under my eyes was hence exaggerating my dark circles…it’s a cruel cycle but up until that point I had never thought that could be the problem.

So I say all that to say this I started my quest to moisturized my eye area and re-firm the delicate skin under my eyes. In walks my Amazon account and countless searches for a moisturizing eye cream. This product I can not live without. I even use it to remove my eye makeup! It is so moisturizing and has really firmed up the thin skin under my eyes. It is smooth and has no fragrance which I like. The Age Affirm Firming Eye Balm retails for around $19.99 I purchased my on

My next product is for the entire face and the dreadful little lines called wrinkles! I first noticed forehead and laugh lines about three years ago and have slathered on the SPF and firming creams ever since. My favorite over the counter fix for firmness and keeping wrinkles at bay is L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Intensive Anti-Aging Day Cream. I really see the difference in my skin when I do not use this cream. It keeps my skin taught and looking like a 20 something.
L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Intensive Anti-Aging Day Cream $16.99

Now we must all take our vitamins if we want to glow from the inside out however this vitamin I like to apply to the skin directly! I love a vitamin C serum for radiant skin on my face neck and décolleté. It is so important to use your skin products on your neck and décolleté as well which for most women the first area to show signs of aging.
Truskin Naturals Vitamin C Serum for the face $19.99


So the next on the list is feeding our skin from the inside out and I have read quite a bit on the topic for collagen stimulation and Fish Oil was rated as one of the top supplements for skin preservation. Fish oil contains two main types of omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which boosts skin’s hydration and delays the skin’s aging process.
Kiva Omega 3 Fish Oil $24

I’m sure recently you have all been swept up in the sheet mask craze and why not they are awesome but how do you know which one is right for you? I would say look at your skin concerns. When our skin ages we may have different aging concerns, such as loss of elasticity or large pores or dull skin. Look for the sheet mask that will rejuvenate your skin. Below are my top picks for the major three skin concerns.

Lifting- SKEDERM Lifting Patch
Minimize Pores-MagiForet Purifying Peel-off Mask
Skin Brightening-Even Tone Brightening Mask by Aeria