The Paris Dairies

Written by Michelle Natalia

Paris in three days is bittersweet, so much to do so much to see.I had to get tons of sightseeing in! So it was comfy and cozy in a pair of skinny jeans, converses, my leather moto jacket, aviators and fitted white tee. We seen so much this day, the love lock bridge, the Tulleries,  Musee De l’Orangerie. The Louvre was my favorite since I am such a huge architecture fan. The artwork was amazing just so much you would never finish it in a day so go with a plan my friends! We headed to the Mona Lisa which of course is the biggest draw and seeing her is quite the feat with Mona ethusists at every turn, she is quite the rockstar but my daughter and I were able to go upfront. A travelers tip students under 18 get in free. Hope you get to Paris one day


Michelle Natalia