The Island

Written by Michelle Natalia


A beach area by Hong Island 

Hello Loves! So I’ve been a few places in my lifetime thirty some odd years of it lol but The islands off of Thailand’s coast are mystical if any word describes them best. There are endless rock formations coming from the Andaman sea covered in emerald green smooth waters. We took a boat from Phuket from Phang Nga Bay. the ride to James Bond Island was about 45 minutes a traditional long tail boat transported us to James Bond Island. There are shuttles going in and out from multiple tour companies . Once there we had about 45 mins to explore the island, you can swim take pics or hike along the island. It is a very busy location but finding a piece of its serenity is not hard. When in Phuket James Bond island is a must see the journey getting there is awe inspiring and the islands formations are unforgettable. My next post will have all the photos from James Bond island so stay tuned!

xoxo Michelle Natalia


Hong Island 

Bikini from