The Arrival

Written by Michelle Natalia

My Babes!

The day has finally arrived for my Dominican vacation. My flight was quite early so my wakeup up call was around 430am! Needless to say I didnt want to bother much with clothes and makeup, but my hair had to be done! I opted for a comfy floral print sundress, a neon bright cableknit sweater and T-Strap sandals. I almost missed our flight not becuase I was late but because we never heard the boarding call until Delta announced final boarding call! Thankfully my boyfriend, Ruben and I made it just in the nick of time. Three hours later we arrived in Santo Domingo to be greeted by Ruben’s family. The island is beautiful and our ride from the airport was scenic with the view of the coastline! Just perfect. Many more photos otw Stay Tuned! xoxo Michelle Natalia