Written by Michelle Natalia

So Mexico may not seem like an exotic getaway vacation to most travelers but I’m here to tell you to change all your preconceived notions about our neighbor to the south and no Donald we don’t want that wall! Mexico is a Mecca of beautiful varied landscapes with miles of pristine tropical blue waters, ancient civilizations,  rich Mayan culture, adventures await. There is every water sport known to man available catamarans, parasailing, canoeing through underwater caves. There is so much to see really. This trip to Mexico I wanted to visit a cenote where I could swim in crystal clear waters and snorkel with the fishes ! When we stood in Tulum we visited the Gran Cenote. With a quick 10 minute ride from our hotel at Azulik we were in the middle of the blue lagoon waters.

Speaking of Azulik this has got to be the biggest reason for my excitement for this trip to Tulum. I stumbled upon the resort one day when scrolling on Instagram when actress Shay Mitchell was staying there. The concept of the hotel had me mesmerized. An eco resort with the styling of and adult treehouse. I’m a big kid at heart so my boyfriend and I knew we had to stay here while in Tulum. We stood in the Aztec Villa with an ocean view. A giant swinging bed on the balcony overlooking the beach I had to pinch myself serval times over.

The mosaic tiled bathtub filled with rose petals the ultra romantic setup, candlelights bask the room at sunset. I would say the staff at Azulik definitely know how to set the mood.  So that was day one in Tulum the night was an entirely different story… Full Moon party at papaya Playa project!