Spongelle Review

Written by Michelle Natalia


I want to tell you about the most luxurious new spa products! Spongelle leaves your skin feeling refreshed and moisturized with luxurious fragrance. The spongelle begins to lather when you add water to it and your exfoliation experience begins! The Spongelle buffers are infused with refreshing scents of

French Lavender & Meyer Lemon Infusion

Ginger Bergamot

Bulgarian Rose


They are created for the most discerning customers who want the finest bath & shower experience.  Spongelle Uses a blend of high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, sea minerals, anti-oxidant and anti-aging ingredients, the Spongelle formula provides the same benefits as those of traditionally packaged skin care, in a more practical, simple and effective usage dynamic. What attracted me to Spongelle was the moisturizing and anti-aging properties, many of us wait too long or until it’s too late to care for the aging skin on your body and one day it’s too late! The drying winter air can leave us with cracking skin let Spongelle do all the work for you in the shower.

Spongelle also offers Anti-Cellulite Body Wash Infused Buffers which are enriched with coffee, arnica and sea kelp, they are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.

Spongelle Pedi Buffer- for your feet to keep feet soft and callous free is infused with sea kelp Arnica and Peppermint a natural soother for tired feet!

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