Skincare with Skin Made Simple

Written by Michelle Natalia

Hello my loves,

Just as important as your #ootd is your skin of the day and with so many products out there how do you know which one really works? Are you looking for a simple regimen with just a few products to make your routine easy? Well I might have found the line for you. Skin Made Simple has only three steps, Vitamin C capsules, Simply Hydrating Cream, & Simply Smooth, has everything you need to address your major skin care needs. Simply put on the vitamin c capsules after you cleanse your face, then follow with Simply Hydrating cream 2x a day and a pea size of the Simply Smooth every other night. Not more than that this stuff potent and really works!  

Your skin will start to feel renewed with less pore visibility and wrinkles. I found the my wrinkles around my mouth and forehead less visible. The creams are gentle and have minimal fragrance which I love.

The line was created by Jessy Ayala MS, PA-C at West Derm Center who wanted a simple skincare line that would simplify selfcare for women of all ages. I would agree this has made my life so much easier. You can get your very own set with 10% off with my code Jadore10