Netflix & Chill

Written by Michelle Natalia

So dolls and gents I decided to cultivate my own Netflix and Chill list in honor of the snowstorm  complete with a snack list sugestions just search in the archives to find the recipes on Jadore Mi Amor! 

Movie- Along Came Polly- This hilarious comedy with Jennifer Anniston and Ben Stiller is quirky and will keep you laughing all through the bilizzard

Recommend Snack- Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies and Milk



Movie City of God- Drama/ Action- This movie is set in Brazil in the gritty underworld of drugs and poverty and will surely move you!

Recommended Snack- Gauc and chips and Caipirinha


Breakfast at Tiffany’s /Romantic Comedy Classic- This is one of my all time favorites! Audrey Hepburn is beyond adorable and funny in this romantic classic. You will fall in love with her and all the fashions set in the sixties in New York

Snack Chocolate Covered Popcorn and Champagne


Bill Cunningham New York- The founding father of Street Style is covered in this iconic fashion documentary

Pesto Pepper Pizzas and Cosmos