Men’s NYFW Street Style- DECODED

Written by Michelle Natalia

It’s no secret over the years the modern man has become more evolved in fashion well perhaps it’s a throwback to yesteryear think of the Great Gatsby but in modern terms we are not talking about a three piece suit but it is all about attention to detail. The modern man I think wants to set himself apart from the crowd and pull off that look that gives him an edge. It could be that vintage butterscotch messenger bag he is toting around or the customized wooden sunglasses you cannot seem to find at a Sunglass Hut.

 Credit Andrew

Credit Andrew (Style Blogger- Dathias Hoang) IG-Datswhatupp

 The street style stars of the first ever New York Men’s Fashion week can lend us a secret or two of just how to get a leg up on the competition.  Pastel color seemed to play to be in vogue showing up in blazers and trousers. The lighter hues are perfect for setting yourself apart but with classic cuts still you look the part. Earth tones were on major repeat from everything from fedoras to suits. The safari look is always sexy que in the jeep wrangler and Sahara desert in the background! So how can the average dresser pull off these paparazzi worthy looks? Work in what you feel comfortable with can imagine wearing a Pharrell style 10 gallon bucket hat then don’t! But embrace a tanned fedora, mix army greens and tawny browns. Wear a pastel linen blazer with a white v neck and jeans for the slight change up! Shop inspired looks below to decode your inner street style!

photographer Andrew Morales) IG @Lifeinreverie

 Credit- Marcy Swingle for NY Times  

 Credit- Marcy Swingle for NY Times  (model Tyson Beckford)

 Credit Andrew (stylist Lamont Howard) IG @Mrdelamont