Air Max 90’s

Written by Michelle Natalia

 Hey Loves,

Every now and again theres just that one thing you see and become obsessed with for me I am a huge fan of Air Max 90’s they are so comfortable to walk around the city in and I love working out in them you can dress them up or down. So making my rounds on IG I spotted the coolest metallic and gray comco  I knew I instantly wanted them lol. But finding them here in the states was another story. I could only find them overseas so I patiently waited and one day just happened to see them on I was beyond happy…why am I telling you this because after I placed my order a few days later Macy’s send me an email saying they oversold the Air Maxes and they would be refunded my purchase, such a fail…I was so sad honestly! However as soon as I got back from my Miami trip I would not stay defeated and started my search again, and found them on! Success! Don’t ever give up on your dreams babes Just Kidding ;_) 

Coat – Zara (past Season)
Turtleneck (Forever 21)
Pants – All Saints
Air Max 90’s
Bag-Karl Lagerfeld (netaporter) 
Watch (bae’s) 
Sunglasses- Celine 


Michelle Natalia