A New York Getaway

Written by Michelle Natalia

Labor Day Weekend is here, NO! the official end of Summer guys! Coming back from The Dominican Republic you can really get spoiled with there tropical blue waters but I still wanted to head to the beach in NY so I went on the hunt to find a beautiful beach in NY. I found a gem loves! Robert Moses State Park in Long Island, about 20 minutes past the famous Jones Beach! My daughter and I headed out for a quick getaway from the city packed a picnic lunch complete with fruit kabobs, berry-limeaide, gac and chips and sandwiches minus the sand! 😉 Really this beach was breathtaking! I could not believe I was on Long Island blue- green waters and pristine powder soft sand. I did not edit the color these photos at all, the water is just as it appears!If you do not make it out there this Summer definetly make it a point to get there next year! I choose a bright green triangle top bikini-OP $10  with a flowy high waisted mini I scored for $4 bucks at TJ Maxx on clearance, the earrings are from Charlotte Russe. I really hope you guys are enjoying this unoffical end of Summer and get to hit the beach!